Head Coach - Rhys

Hello Athletes,

My name is Rhys Wiley and I am one of the coaches here at Spartans.

I am a fully qualified Coach, Strength and Conditioning fundamentals qualified and also an Optimum Nutrition Coach. I have been coaching for around a year now and love every minute of it.

I also run my own online programming/coaching business alongside my full time work here at Project:U. This helps athletes further develop the skills they struggle with or want to perfect, so they can perform better during classes or for when they step out onto the competition floor.

I knew from my first few months of training in I wanted to coach as it was my new favourite thing and still is! I personally believe it is the best form of fitness, whether you wish to train at a competitive level or just for all round health.

I will be your man for any competitive training you require or if you are planning to enter your first comp etc.